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Re: Can't get credit card to work for HBO Now?

I took the advice of others on this thread and it worked.

Step #1: Go to Google Play, and download the app

Step #2: Sign up. I chose a different email address to register with HBO Now

Step #3: Sign into HBO Now with Roku (using the email address you registered with HBO Now app)

That's it! You're done. So happy. Now back to Game of Thrones!
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Re: Can't get credit card to work for HBO Now?

After many attempts to fix this with both Roku and HBO I finally spoke with someone on the Roku end!!!  The problem is a bug in their system not recognizing the abbreviations in your address - so EVERYTHING MUST BE SPELLED OUT AND ON THE SAME ADDRESS LINE. 

On the first line your address should read as follows... 
123 West 43 Street Apartment 4D

The second line use a tilda (~): 

Everything else should be ok as is!   
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Re: Can't get credit card to work for HBO Now?

"ellene" wrote:

As user adamc suggested:

I was having same problem, and glad to see others posting about this so i know I'm not the only one.

I downloaded the HBO NOW app onto my smartphone.

I subscribed to HBO NOW through the HBO NOW app on the phone.

I went to the HBO Now channel I had added on my Roku and selected "sign in" (not subscribe) and used the sign-in info I had just used to subscribe via the phone app.

It logged me into the channel on the Roku without issue.

Signing in to say this problem is still happening, and this solution worked perfectly. Thank you!
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