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Bought (unknowingly) USED to logout of old account?!?

hi! i purchased my roku stick from walmart last year. i somehow just noticed some weird things happening with the apps and found that this device was previously owned/logged into another account! i can't find a way to unlink it! i can't simply go in an reconnect/link new device bc i can't get an activation code. what can i do? this freaks me out knowing someone else is using same apps as me! help! thanks in advance.

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Re: Bought (unknowingly) USED to logout of old account?!?


You need to perform a FACTORY RESET.  This will return the Roku to the state of a new, never-set-up unit.   Roku menu path Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset. 

You'll then be setting this Roku up all over again, including creating your own Roku account (or linking to any pre-existing one you have).

  • IMPORTANT! When linking your device you may be directed on screen to go to If you are, type this in very carefully and verify that you actually do go there. Otherwise you can end up at a scammer's fake Roku site where they may request you to pay bogus charges and will collect your payment information to use as they wish. If you end up at ANY site not on (other than the that you'll get redirected to), back out and try again.

As channels are attached to the Roku account, not the Roku unit, and are currently attached to somebody else's account, when you get set up with your own account, you'll have to select your channels again if they aren't included in the channel apps installed by default.

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