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Bait and Switch Ad for $20 off Roku Ultra

I keep seeing an ad on my Roku 3 for a $80 ($79.99) Roku Ultra with JBL headphones. When I tried to order it on the Roku interface, the order failed. Then I had them email me the offer, so when I went from my computer to try to redeem it, the only things available are Roku subwoofers and wireless speaker systems. I know the ad says "while supplies last." But I'm wondering if I will I be able to order the Roku Ultra with the $20 discount if and when it is back in stock in the Roku store? It seems to me like this is dangerously close to "bait and switch" advertising. Continuing to run ads for a product that is not in stock, and then trying to get people to spend a lot more on stuff they don't want. It seems I can order the Ultra at full price in the store all day long and it will ship eventually (Oct 18? or whenever), just doesn't seem right to me.

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