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Adding USA Roku players and Roku TV to your UK account

I have query. I am using Several Roku 3 and a Roku 2 on my UK based Roku account. I have noticed that the only players UK Roku now has on its website are streaming stick items. I do not have/will not use/no access to WiFi services. All my devices have to connect using Ethernet that is plentiful with several jacks in the wall of every room.
I got the Roku 3 devices in the USA before they were available in the UK and they work just fine. I want to add another player and would happily buy a Roku Ultra in the USA.
I have a niggling doubt that it may not be possible to add the device to my account, does anybody have any information or details on this scenario?
In theory could you add a Roku TV to the account?

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Re: Adding USA Roku players and Roku TV to your UK account

Hi there!

Thanks for the note here! You can activate any Roku Player or TV to any Roku account, however, channel availability/access will vary from region to region. Channels that are currently available in any given region are certified for the Roku devices sold in that region. For example, if you activate a US Roku device (not sold in the UK) to your UK region Roku account, you may not be able to access all the same channels that you would on a Roku device sold directly in the UK. Channel providers currently certify their channels against Roku device models that are currently available in their markets. 

For more information, you'd want to contact any specific channel/service provider to inquire further about which Roku devices they support their channel (app) on in your current region. 

*Edit - At this time, we do not currently offer a ethernet capable device in your region, but I'll be sure to pass along the feedback. 

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Re: Adding USA Roku players and Roku TV to your UK account

A list of Roku devices supported by the BBC Iplayer here
If you dont have wifi (?) then you can purchases a Wifi access point cheaply, or use a homeplug with a wifi hotspot built in.
 Your ISP supplied router/modem should also have wifi
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Re: Adding USA Roku players and Roku TV to your UK account

Thanks, I think that you missed the point. Wifi devices are prohibited in and around our building its a secure environment. There is no ISP, the building has Internet through wired Ethernet, you cannot add access points because the building IT can de-authorize every Mac address of any device, if you attach a router or other device they shut it off and all your other internet access as well. They come into your home and remove any devices that actively send or receive WiFi or blue tooth signals if you leave them on and searching for a network. Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets have to be switched off and left in a locker at security in the lobby. My Roku devices had to be taken away and opened up to have the wifi disabled, they replaced the remotes with infra red ones rather than the supplied wifi remotes that can take earphones and play games.
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Re: Adding USA Roku players and Roku TV to your UK account

When do you get paroled. Smiley Happy
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Re: Adding USA Roku players and Roku TV to your UK account

They come into your home

What you get upto in your own home is your own business, who is this "they"
"They" will not be able to enter your home without a search warrant, and "they" will need to have a good reason in order to obtain such a thing.
1:Are you in the UK? You said UK based Roku account
2: Are you on a military/government facility somewhere?
3: are you taking part in a residential medical trial ( in which case you wont be at home)
4: Are you currently receiving residential medical care in a secure environment ( ie under the mental health act)
5: are you currently being detained in a Civilian, or  in the case of being in the military, a military prison?
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