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Activated account

I activated my account last night and when trying to put the code for my Tv it wouldn’t take the code I received a call from a number right after saying he would help with my registration. I registered and he gave me a few options for subscription ( didn’t know I had to pay for it) I chosen the middle one which I can have up to 5 Rocu devices and I upgraded to lifetime. Which was 99.00 US is that a scam? I just checked my account and changed password just in case. They sent me a link to pay through PayPal. Also the company that shows up on the charge is fixitsolutions. Thanks Ed 

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Level 15

Re: Activated account

YOU WERE SCAMMED!! You probably went to the wrong site to create the account and activation.

Check your true Roku account here:

The correct link for activation is:

The danger of typing in addresses in most browsers is that the address bar doubles as a search bar. If you don't FULLY type in the address, or type in enough that it will show a symbol that it is NOT a search term,  you can easily end up at a scam site.

As far as your money, try to see if they will give you a refund. If not, you will need to dispute it with your credit card company (and I hope you used a CREDIT card, and not a DEBIT card!!!)

Roku does NOT charge to use their devices, or the Roku channel. Charges are only for various subscription channels.

I thought Roku changed their signup on new devices to have you type in an email address. They then send an email with the correct links in it.

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Level 12

Re: Activated account

Yes that's a scam.  You accidentally went to their site instead of so they could tell you the activation wasn't working and then they could charge you for something that is free.


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Re: Activated account

IT IS A SCAM!!!  Dispute it immediately.  You did NOT go to

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