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why can't i easily cancel an order for a remote i purchased one hour ago?

i purchased a $14.99 remote with 'free shipping.' i guess i chose 2 day shipping which was not free. it is $15.00 approx., bringing my total to $31.66 for a basic remote. okay, my bad, i accidentally chose the wrong shipping method (which is a whole other story). so, i just wanted to cancel the order and place another order and get 'free shipping.' but, there is no way to do that. i spent time on my own trying. finally, i found a difficult to find customer service number: (816)272-8106. after talking to FOUR different cs reps (all very nice) and going around in circles trying to cancel from my end and from ROKU's end, i was told i had to wait 24 hours to cancel my order. what!? anyway, the reps were all nice, but the policy is deceptive and the $15.00 delivery option was offered in a way that made it look like that was the 'free shipping' method as opposed to the overnight shipping method. i thought i was choosing the 'free shipping' method. this should not be this difficult. what a racket.

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Re: why can't i easily cancel an order for a remote i purchased one hour ago?


Or you could ask for help here, which reading over your post, you haven't done. You've complained, but you haven't asked for help.

If you want help, just ask. I suspect that @Jeremiah-Roku , @RokuDanny-R , @RokuMary-F , or @RokuKariza-D will be able to assist.

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