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Reel Rookie

static and scrubbing noise

For the last 4 days my Roku makes a static noise in between choices. It WON'T STOP. Tried turning it off, wait a few minutes-- still static. I connected to a different HTML port, & still nothing.  
I'm being billed AGAIN for Roku. I paid $116   July 24, 2023  and being billed AGAIN per month.  I am very frustrated and cannot TALK to anyone about these issues. I'm not impressed.  PLEASE contact me and fix this mess.  Thanks, TARYN
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Roku Guru

Re: static and scrubbing noise

@TARYNAICH First of all there is NO charge for using Roku.  It sounds like someone may have accessed your Roku.  On your Roku device go to settings, Systems, about.   Check your email address.  It should be yours.  If it is your email account login to your Roku account on a computer or phone using the same email.  Go to My Account.  Check your subscriptions.  Anything charged by Roku should be there.  Scroll down and find My streaming devices and TVs.  You should recognize all of your devices. I would also change your password and setup a pin to make purchases.  


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