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setting up a roku stick in another home

I wish to set up an account for my elderly sister who lives in a different city.  I wish to pay for her subscription. Will this affect the three Roku sticks I have in my home? Can I have two separate accounts without causing problems with my current acount?

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Re: setting up a roku stick in another home


"Can I have two separate accounts without causing problems with my current acount?"



Setting up the Roku devices --> If you want your sister's account to be completely seperate from yours, then create a new Roku account. (different email address from the one you are currently using for "your" Roku account.)  Each Roku account is tied to an email address, so seperate Roku accounts will require seperate email addresses.  Then just add your preferred payment method to your sister's account if you wish to become responsible for her subscriptions purchased through Roku.

You can either buy the Roku device, set it up and activate at your house with this new Roku account/email address and then mail the device and remote to your sister.  All she has to do is then connect it to her wireless network.  Or, if she is sent an unactivated/unopened new Roku device, she will have to perform the activation herself and just point it to the Roku account/email address you created for her.

Subscriptions ---> If you subscribe directly to the subscription provider (recommended method by most users), then able to use on either device/both accounts/devices using the login credentials provided to you by the subscription provider.  If you purchase the subscriptions through Roku, then only able to use on the Roku account/device that is linked to the Roku account for which it was purchased.

Note: some subscription providers may limit the number of connected devices or specify applicable to only one account at a time.  Unless otherwise prohibited in terms, some allow simulaneous connected devices/family sharing. 

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