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Reel Rookie

organize devices on account

We have several devices at different locations on the same account. I'm wondering if there is a way to organize the devices on the account by location. It appears devices are listed by the date they are linked.

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Roku Guru

Re: organize devices on account

No, there isnt - however, you could/should rename all the devices putting the location (or abbreviation/code) thereof in the name of the device, thus making it much easier to identify each one (especially when their are multiple identical models at one location).

E.g. "3810 - Beach - Living Room" or "4800 - Home - Master Bedroom"

You can also add custom location names, but there is no way to sort/list by location when managing linked devices at

You can always suggest such a feature to Roku, though the chances of them implementing it are near zero:

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