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i need help contacting roku directly

My device is constantly downloading "pay for channels" that I have not asked for, especially HULU and I am sick of it. This is an underhanded business practice, and must be stopped

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Re: i need help contacting roku directly

@bobblank36  Thanks for reaching out. Channels are not automatically added to Roku accounts, however, this can occur from a variety of methods. 

- If a channel is added on any Roku device linked to your Roku account, the channel will be added to all devices linked to your Roku account. 

- Clicking on any advertisements on your device for streaming channels, or content offers, can prompt for that channel to be installed. 

- Channels can be added on the web by logging into your Roku account at 

We'd recommend a couple things here: 

- First, visit Settings>System>About on your Roku device and review the email address listed for your Roku account. You will use this to log into your Roku account at

- Log into your Roku account at and review the linked devices you currently have on your account. If you do not recognize any, or are no longer using any, use the option to unlink them from your account. 

- Enable a PIN for your Roku account to prevent the installation of channels on your account without entering the PIN. You can see the instructions for doing this here:

This will prevent any channels from being added to your account without first entering your PIN. 




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