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Reel Rookie

charge is being paid to rouk each month from my bank, but it does not show on my roku account?!!!

 roku knows nothing about? This charge is paid to ruko each month but it does not show on my roku account?


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Re: charge is being paid to rouk each month from my bank, but it does not show on my roku account?!!

Then it's not being paid to Roku. It's being paid to some scammer who puts Roku in the description.

Credit card payees can put just about anything in their description that displays on your bill. That's how porn companies or extramarital affair companies are able to hide their actual purpose from nosy spouses on credit card bills. They'll put "Online Help-XYZ" or something like that. Well, scammers do the same kind of thing. They hide their true purpose, and put "Roku" on the billing item description instead of "Scammer."

It appears as if you or someone associated with your credit card may have called or otherwise obtain "setup help" for Roku. That's a common thing. Only, these scammers have nothing to do with Roku.

Many people will use Google or Yahoo or whatever to search for Roku setup help, and the search results get scammers who know how to utilize search engine optimization. Then, rather than following the instructions on the Roku screen, they'll contact the scammers from the search results and get billed for stuff that is free.

Those scammers have nothing to do with Roku. They'll keep billing you as long as you continue to pay.

There should be contact information associated with the credit card billing item. Banks require that. Many will put a number that is never answered, or even invalid after a brief initial time. Go through all the hoops your bank requires to dispute the charges. You may not get any relief for previous charges, but you can stop them going forward. Depending on how competent your bank is, and their policies, that might be enough. Worst case, you report the card as compromised and get a new number.

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