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address change Roku is not offering a way to update my address

I have moved house and can't find any link to change my house address.

I can change everything but not my address?

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Re: address change Roku is not offering a way to update my address


Unless you have placed an order for something to be delivered to your home, Roku has never even seen your house address, so there is nothing to change.

Your Roku account is identified by the email address you associated with it, as shown via Roku menu path Settings > System > About.   If you have a different email address at your new home, you can update your email address via your account at  Log in using your old email address, even if you no longer have access to that email account, as at this point it is just a login name.  The one thing you cannot do if you don't have access to that email address is use the "forgot password" option because it will only send email to the email address currently on record. 

Once you log in and update your email address it will update all of these: the email associated with your account, the email shown via Settings > System > About, and the email you enter to log into your account.

If you are asking about this in order to change what you receive as your local channels, there is a setting on Roku TVs to set your Postal Code for over-the-air channel scanning and program directory purposes.  Roku streaming devices do not have TV tuners and receive everything over the internet, so they have no similar setting.

Channel apps that provide your local channels determine what local channels you get.  Some may have settings where you can set your location.  Others determine your location via the IP (Internet Protocol) number that is assigned to your internet connection by your internet supplier.  If your internet provider assigns or changes your IP number to one attached to one of its servers located in a different area, that could change the local stations you are provided or change your status with regard to sports broadcast availability.

You can use a website like to see where the IP number assigned by your internet provider indicates you are located. If this doesn't represent your actual area, contact your internet provider, explain your situation, and ask to be reassigned an IP in your area.


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