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Wow! Quick and more than I expected

After reading all the complaints here about unrefunded charges, I fully expected not to hear from Roku after I followed their suggestion to contact their support and email.  I had been charged again for my DIsney account via roku because I had an auto renewing subscription.  I had bought a new i-phone this year that includes the disney channel already, so that we could cast it to our TV.   I waited to long to turn off my auto renew, and was charged the yearly fee of $109.  I asked Roku if it was possible for me to apply the cost of the subscription to another channel since I know their policy says they don't refund for auto renewals.  After clicking send on the email, within about a half an hour the full refund was posted as pending to my credit card account!  It's also the weekend!  Thank you to whoever responded so kindly to my request.  I truly appreciate it!