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Use Roku across two premises


Can I use my Roku account to log in to my parents address as well as my own?

My parents are quite elderly and find registering accounts online confusing and this would be useful if I could do this for them. Any associated channels I could log into separately with different accounts in their name (eg BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, BT Sport

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Re: Use Roku across two premises


However, be aware that some services use geolocation to determine what content you have access to, especially live local content (this is especially prevalent in the US, it may be less so or non-extant in the UK).

Also, you may or may not be able to use separate subscription service accounts for the different services you intend to use (probably mostly yes if they require a username/password combo, but be aware there may be one or two that use SSO and it becomes difficult to use different subscriber accounts on different Roku devices using the same Roku account).