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Upgrating my Hulu account scam

I have Hulu subscription. Second month I received email with thank you for upgrading your account, which I did not upgrade my account and my card was charge in April and May. Why should I have to pay for what I did not want. really , it's stilling from me. It's impossible to call the company and find out the explanation. I think I don't have a choice and want to close my account

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Re: Upgrating my Hulu account scam

First, there are many scammers out there using stolen credit card numbers and billing people using Roku in the company name. In reality the billing is not coming from Roku. You can tell if Roku is billing you anything by logging into your Roku user account ( and looking at your subscriptions. If there are any legitimate charges coming from Roku, they will be listed there. If there's a difference between what your user account shows and what you are seeing on your CC statement, you are being scammed. 

From your description, it sounds a bit different. If you had a legitimate Hulu subscription through your Roku account, and your subscription was upgraded through Roku, it had to have been done by someone using a Roku device linked to your account. It could have been done either accidentally or on purpose by anyone using one of your Rokus. 

If the Hulu subscription is through Roku, you can change or cancel it on the user web page I mentioned above. You can also add a PIN to your account to require its use to make any purchases or subscriptions through your Roku account. If your Hulu subscription it NOT through Roku (but you're seeing credit card charges labeled Roku), then you are being scammed and you need to contact your CC company and dispute the charges.


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Re: Upgrating my Hulu account scam

Hey @zvbolotov, we saw your post about your Hulu subscription being upgraded. Don't worry we are here to help! We will be reaching out to you via private message to collect some information so that we can investigate this issue further.

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