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Unfair Business Practices

Today I experienced extortion from Roku. I have four devices in two homes. Most of the devices are used infrequently. I watched an NBC Live show on it just a few days ago and today I wanted to watch TCM Live.  The app asked me to verify via a code and then, after verifying to call the number at Roku, which I did.  I had watched TCM Live successfully before on this device but it had been a while and I thought maybe there was an authorization timeout period that I had exceeded.  The rep "Kevin" answered and proceeded to verify me via my email address and to clear the current barrier I thought. Instead what he did was remove all access on (he said) all four of my devices. No longer would any Roku channels work because I was using Roku Basic and back in March Roku Basic had been discontinued. Never mind last night I used a different device to watch Amazon Prime.  I argued with Kevin and said I had not agreed to pay or any services and asked to be restored or upgraded to the lowest available service now, "Standard".  He explained that would reset my access for a one time charge for $99 for a five year period.  I could not believe it. Pay up  else!  Kevin claimed that an email notice went out announcing this discontinuation which I have yet to find.  I felt he had me over the proverbial barrel and I agreed to pay the $99 for 5 year access because I had not other choice. My Roku devices would be paperweights.  To make things seem like more of a bargain, he explained I could get 2 free premium channels for five years for an additional 50, or $149 for five years. This actually sounded like a good deal compared to other options so I agreed. I had no intention of buying a Roku subscription service, had no idea I would "have" to when I purchased my devices  (first in 2014) and which I only use occasionally. This seems to me like the worst kind of corporate sneakery and again, extortion of a kind.   Have I been living under a rock and everyone else knew that their devices would require a fee?    #Shame on Roku 

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Re: Unfair Business Practices

@mleuba, I'm sorry to tell you, but you were scammed.  It's pretty much impossible to contact Roku by phone, so that's the first clue.  Never search for a phone number on the Internet.  You will almost always be led to a scammer.

There's no such thing as a "Roku subscription".  If you gave the scammer enough information to take control of your devices then you may not be able to log into your Roku account at .  If you can, you should immediately change your password if you gave it to "Kevin".  It's possible that "Kevin" did absolutely nothing except con you out of a hundred bucks or it's possible that he's taken control of your Roku devices.

Contact your financial institution immediately and file a claim for a fraudulent charge.  Roku won't be able to get your money back since Roku doesn't have it.

Depending on how much damage "Kevin" did, you may have to factory reset all of your Roku devices and link them to a new Roku account.

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