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Unauthorized charges to debit card

Since when can a company charge the debit card you have on file saved with said company as many times as they want for whatever amount they decide is the price for the charge there running on your debit card without an email, phone call, or how bout a telegram or a fax anything form really as long as there making the proper attempts to get a clear decision from the debit card holder on wether there giving Roku permission to charge the card. If I didnt just happen to look at my transaction history I would of never seen or been aware of the money missing from my account. And from looking thru this community question board the issue with overcharging and or charging for the wrong product or service seems to be widespread and it's probably well past due for Roku to step up and get to the root of this issue and do all measures to ensure this boarder line criminal offense by unauthorized use of a credit card over the internet a cross state lines possible identity theft charges for Roku not ever attempting to ensure the customer was aware of charges being made

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Re: Unauthorized charges to debit card

The purpose of adding a payment method to your Roku account is to allow easy payments via Roku.  If you don’t like their payment system, you can just remove your payment method from your Roku account, and then pay individual content providers if/when needed.

I’ve done it both ways.  At first, I didn’t give them a payment method.  A few years later, I gave them one and it was used to bill exactly one thing for a few years.  Then I dropped that service, and removed my payment method from Roku. 

Either way works for me.  Many people prefer to directly be a customer with each content provider anyway.  That allows you to sign in on any platform, and if you want to complain to the content provider, then they know who you are.

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