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Re: Uk Channels

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My IP address is fine. This was a new account, and a factory reset followed to allow me to put the device to this account. What would be different about doing the same thing again, how can I make sure it doesn't decide I'm in the US again? As the advice you are giving sounds exactly like what I did in the first place. It does seem a bit ridiculous I can't check a box to confirm my location - there was no hint that there was a problem until I tried to find iplayer (annoyingly having already logged in to netflix and prime which using the roku remote is not a fun process!)

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Not seeing some channels on the channel list

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I am having the exact same issue as in this thread. Was this ever resolved?
. I ust moved from an old Roku 3 to a new streaming stick+ and cannot get some UK channels STV Player, My 5, All4 etc, nor NOWTV, Sky Store, whereas Prime, Netflix, NTatHome all work OK. I tried factory reinstall, no difference. I found this thread and sent my serial number to Support. But I notice hear that one responder was saying she had been asked where in the huse her Roku was, same here, Living Room. Maybe there is a clue in that as to why this is happening?
The NOW-TV that is on the channels list is News of the World! not

So any update as the suggested solution doesn't work

I also noticed that on my account on the web it shows the location of the device

Screenshot 2022-02-26 224305.jpg

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