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Reel Rookie

Try Netflix for Free (false advertising, but...)

On the ROKU Netflix Details page , in the Description, it says clearly: "Try one month free. No commercials. No hidden fees. You can cancel anytime.Download now to subscribe."

And I did sign up. Immediately, Netflix charged me $16.99. I contacted both Roku and Netflix support to inquire and was told there was no such promotion. But on both the Netflix Channel Store page and on the Netflix APP on Roku, it clearly says Try One Month Free.

So, I disputed the fee with my credit card company and guess what. I got my money back. At a future point, I may resubscribe, but this experience left a sour taste in my mouth.



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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Try Netflix for Free (false advertising, but...)

I don't know if this applies in this case, but in general if you've ever tried a service before any "free" offer no longer applies.  So if you've ever had Netflix or tried one of their free trials in the past you won't get it again.  It should be clearly spelled out, but it clearly isn't in what you've shown.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Try Netflix for Free (false advertising, but...)

Thanks, @renojim . This was an initial subscription for me. Both Roku and Netflix made it very difficult to send an email so they could "see" the error. Chat support was all that was available on both sides. Netflix did say that they have not had a "free" promotion for years and Roku said Netflix was responsible for it's content and advertising. It's a simple fix, but I am posting this because others who may want to try Netflix can contest the charge based on this and perhaps, like me, get the first month back! But just be aware, Netflix cancelled my account immediately on learning of the dispute, but I got my free month and may or may not renew. Just left a bad taste!