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Sundance Now Renewal - Activation Problem

I have an annual subscription to Sundance Now that renews in March.  This is the second year in a row that the subscription has been renewed through my Roku account but I'm unable to access Sundance Now content.  When I log into Sundance Now on any device (e.g., Roku, website, iPhone app) it says my subscription needs to be renewed.  Last year there was a 20+ day delay getting access.  This year I hope it is only a few days.  When I contacted Roku customer support last year, I was referred to Sundance Now to resolve it.  This year I didn't waste my time with Roku and have directed my inquiry directly to Sundance Now with my Roku renewal receipt showing I've renewed my subscription.  My question is, why the disconnect between Roku and Sundance Now? If I have to go through this every year, what is the benefit of paying for this subscription through Roku when I don't have a seamless renewal or get any support from Roku?  I've had a Roku account since 2014 and have annual Acorn subscriptions and monthly Starz subscriptions with no problems.  Why is there a problem with Sundance Now?

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Re: Sundance Now Renewal - Activation Problem

Hi @brewerlunnen,

We appreciate your post.

Please be aware that Roku is only assigned by the channel to collect payments, for channel interfaces, functionality, and authentication are developed and managed by the channel publishers on Roku. 



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