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Subscriptions Are Being Charged after cancellation


I did cancel subscriptions for the followings through Merchant and on Roku on Mobile app. However, i still see monthly charges on my bill for the month of Feb and March. 

  • Peloton - cancelled before expiry in Jan 2020
  • YuppTV - cancelled in Jan 2020

Today i contacted both merchants and they asked me to contact Roku. It is frustrating as there is no phone support.  Question :

  1. if a subscription is cancelled with Merchants why do Roku still need to charge to my card. 
  2. why do i need to resubmit my cancellation using desktop and you can do on mobile app. When i login using desktop the subscription is still there


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Re: Subscriptions Are Being Charged after cancellation

Hi @sratnam,

Thanks for your inquiry about your billing charges.

For these issues, it may be more effective for you to get help from our billing team. Please contact them directly at Choose the option from the drop-down menu for "Questions about my account or billing," and you'll be able to send an email request there.


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Re: Subscriptions Are Being Charged after cancellation

If you subscribe to a channel directly with them, then you should login to them on your Roku and not set up Roku to bill you.

On the other hand, you can also subscribe via Roku and pay via your Roku account.  If you do that, you'll manage the subscription and and the channel will generally not know anything about your personal account.  (They just see some mass-subscription from roku.)

Either way works, but some people make an account at a channel provider and also set up the channel via Roku (ie: create a roku account for that channel rather than just logging in using established credentials with the channel.)  If you do that, you will be billed twice because neither billing system is aware of the account at the other place. 

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