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Re: Subscription not recognized by Roku

@angteremig12 wrote:

As I said. The problem is that the NFL Network I have as charged for, does not work. Yet I was charged for it. Let me ask you. Are you going to refund me they money back for the charge of the NFL Network ? I was not only complaining about this. I was making a point that Roku will not help me in this situation. Unless Roku is going to give me a real solution to the problem and refund me the money for the channel that has not worked since I was charged for it. Roku, are you going to help me ?

First, let's get one thing clear: I don't work for Roku. My signature says as much. So, no, I'm not refunding you anything.

This is a user supported help forum. Roku has people here, but there are also other users that can help others. We're here to help each other.

You made a statement that you subscribed to a service, and you claimed that Roku has refused to return your money. Yet, there were only two posts ever by you, neither involving a conversation with Roku. What you have posted to this point isn't enough information for Roku to help.

I tagged two Roku employees in the last response, and one or both will be by to communicate with you. It's a weekend, and they aren't online as much on weekends, based on what I've seen.

Since this is a billing issue, they'll be the ones to help, but they'll need a lot more information from you beyond what you've provided.

You said your issuse involves a subscription to NFL Networi. You'll need to confirm how you subscribed to NFL Network. There is an NFL app for Roku, but it seems to involve NFL Game Pass, not NFL Network. I may be wrong, but I think NFL Network is usually included with, or an add-on to, a live streaming service. I think it's part of Sling TV Blue, Vidgo, Hulu+Live TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo. There may be other services that include NFL Network, but these are the ones I know about.

If that's how you subscribed, they would need to know which live streaming service you used. And, since you can subscribe to a live streaming service directly and do not have to subscribe through Roku, you would need to confirm that from and clicking on the Subscriptions link to confirm it's listed there.

You'll also need to provide details about the issue. If you subscribed to NFL Network through a service, such as through YouTube TV, does the rest of YouTube TV play?

Just be sure about the information you provide them. Bad information gets bad results. Check and double check everything so they can better help you.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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