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Scam call

Hi I am new to this device. As soon as I set up on TV I had a phone call saying they were customer support and that I needed to pay £79.99 for premium service or £49.99 for standard service.  They asked for the details on screen and my address.  I said I would do it on line and he said no, only they could set up my account.  I ended the call.  It was very convincing

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Roku Guru

Re: Scam call

When you say "I had a phone call" do you mean that you called them or they called you?  It sounds like the latter, which implies to me that you may have gone to a scam website and entered some personal information.  (Telephone number at least.) 

The typical form of these scams is a fake link website that tells you the link didn't work and you need to call them.  In any case, hopefully you didn't tell them anything.

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