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Roku has removed my watched channels how can I cancel all my devises easily

There are only a few things I watch through Roku and suddenly they are no longer happy providing those. So give me an easy way to cancel all my devises and close the account 

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Re: Roku has removed my watched channels how can I cancel all my devises easily


Well, the easiest way to not use a Roku is to not use a Roku. Unplug it. It's really that easy.

You said you only watched non-certified apps -- which were never supported apps -- so there is no Roku subscription of any service. Roku doesn't charge you to simply have one and use it (or not).

You can go to where you manage your account, and deactivate there if you want to.

By the way, you do realize that if those app developers of those apps you used were to code them to standard and resubmit them and get them certified, they'll be in the Channel Store? Roku didn't remove apps because of content; they removed apps because they were not certified. If they get them certified, Roku will let them in. If anybody told you different, they told you wrong.

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