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Roku for Warnermedia is the devil

I want this charge off my account! The number the bank gave me only gives you a voice recording to be looped around endlessly through your god forsaken website.

I’ve been being charged $10.93 since August. I receive zero services through Roku I don’t even use a Roku. I tried to sign into my account to find that I didn’t have one. Interesting I didn’t have one when your stealing money from me every month. I was forced to create one just to be able to receive “support” what a joke.

I want a full refund of the funds that have been removed from my account unless you can prove that you provided me some sort of service which is impossible since I haven’t used a Roku in months. I want this charge ceased immediately or I will find a phone number for your ridiculous company and ruin someone’s day. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku for Warnermedia is the devil

At first it sounded like you had no association with Roku.  In that case, the answer would be simple: call the bank, report the fraud.  They'll give you a new card.

However, near the end you say: " I haven’t used a Roku in months." That makes things more interesting.  Whenever you used a Roku in the past, it was connected to an account.  Yours?  Someone elses? If you can figure that out, it may be easier to just log into that account and cancel and subscriptions on it. 

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