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Roku Free Trial with Paramount+ Not Working

Purchased a new Roku Ultra between the Roku Free Trial window that provided Paramount+ free for 2 months. I have never had an account with Paramount+ so I went through the process of activating my Roku as well as signing up for Paramount+ to obtain the free trial. Roku billed me $1 to my account and shows that I have a subscription to Paramount+ with a free trial ending 2 months after I signed up. Nonetheless, when I open the Paramount+ I have only access to Paramount+'s free content, not their paid version. Contacted Roku technical support (John) he told me the issue was with Paramount+. Contacted Paramount+ provided them all the information, they told me that the issue is with Roku that has not migrated the information over to Paramount+. Contacted Roku again to tell them about the information I received from Paramount+ and technical support (John again) told me that the issue is with Paramount+. Contacted one last time Paramount+ and they told me the issue is with Roku. 

3 days later, I contacted Roku spoke with Ross from subscriptions who transferred me over technical support and the person (no name) from technical support was rude and disrespectful to Ross, only to tell him that the issue is with billing not with technical support. Ross told me that they opened up a ticket and to hope that the issue gets resolved via email.

I wanted to document this back and forth in hopes that anyone can help me out.


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