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Return of incorrect item - shipping costs

Ordered a Roku Ultra and received package today and it was a Roku streaming stick, started the return/replace and did get a RMA # but I do not think we should have to pay for the return shipping as we were not provided a return label? So Roku says free return shipping within 30 days, how is that possible if they don't provide a return label?????????????????


Re: Return of incorrect item - shipping costs

EXACT same thing happened to me except, other than getting the initial auto response, it’s been crickets. No one has contacted me. It’s only been 48 hrs so I’m hoping they’re just overwhelmed at the moment. Mind my asking, how long did you wait to be contacted after the initial auto-response?

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Re: Return of incorrect item - shipping costs

  Hello, please contact the Roku technical support team; we will gladly assist you with this.

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