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Refund my money of $89 for ESPN

Fraudulent charge of $89 from ESPN, when free apps subscription expired I was charged this. I went into my account and canceled all subscriptions. I want my $89 back immediately. I am not going to go back and forth with ROKU but what I will do is blow up any social media site that has ROKU  on it and let them know that they’re doing a bunch of fraudulent **bleep**!

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Re: Refund my money of $89 for ESPN

I think you mean ESPN+.

Every streaming subscription which I have ever seen, either through a third party like Roku or directly with the channel, is nonrefundable. You are subscribing for a specified subscription period (either a paid period or a free trial) and it auto renews at the current prevailing rate when that period runs out. To prevent from auto renewing you must cancel before the current subscription period expires.  If you cancel after a subscription has been paid for, it prevents the subsequent auto-renewal, but the subscription stays in force until the balance of the pre-paid period expires. These conditions are explained on screen and must be accepted when subscribing (you know, all that stuff none of us bothers to read at the time).

Once you have allowed a subscription to auto renew and charge you, your options are to let it run its course unwatched, or to use it and enjoy it until it runs out.  And, of course, to cancel it BEFORE your current pre-paid subscription period runs out so it doesn't renew again.

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Refund of the accounts I do not owe

I need my money refunded.  The free trial was for 3 months not one.  I didn't even put my payment method into roku. I put it in@ for another channel.@

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Re: Refund of the accounts I do not owe

Hello @Lynn2333 @Drking

Thanks for the posts.

For account & billing concerns, it may be more effective to get help from our Billing team. You can contact them here: then choose 'Questions about my account or billing' on the drop-down menu. They are the best ones to help you out with that matter.

All the best,

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