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Recurring charges from old phone e mail names

I have been through several phones since I've started my Roku TV and I've had different email numbers and Bank numbers but it always still comes out of my bank and now I don't have those channels how can I fix it



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Re: Recurring charges from old phone e mail names

I’m not quite sure how phones would affect anything – I’ve gone through several phones in the time I’ve had Roku and that didn’t affect anything for me.  Perhaps you have had more than one Roku account?  If so, then you probably want to log into any old/unused accounts and see if there are subscriptions there. A Roku account is not tied to a specific phone or computer.  Even if the email address you used on the account no longer exists, you can still log in since the email address is really just a user name.

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Re: Recurring charges from old phone e mail names

Hi @Frankie11, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

In order to look more into these channels, we'll be sending you a DM to gather more information. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for us!

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