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Recurring Charge from "Roku for Discovery Community"

I have noticed a recurring charge for $5.34 from "Roku for Discovery Community".  I was charged in Sept, Oct, and now in Nov. but when I look at my Roku account, there are no transactions for $5.34 at all.  I am not subscribed to the Discovery+ channel, so it is not related to that.  Does anyone know why I am getting this charge?  I've been a Roku user for quite a while, so just getting these charges in the last three months doesn't make sense, not to mention it's not in my transaction history on my account.  Is it possible they are fraudulent charges? 

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Re: Recurring Charge from Roku for Discovery Community

Hi @tstoffel,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

If you are being charged for a service you do not recognize, please reach out to our support team directly here for your 'Account or billing' issue, here: They will be able to further assist you.


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Re: Recurring Charge from "Roku for Discovery Community"

I'm having the same exact issue I don't have any channels through Roku right now! No subscriptions no active subscriptions but yet I'm still being billed for something through Roku. Maybe that's why because I'm not actively using them right now!?! But yes I will reach out to your customer service! Thanks!!

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