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I am getting this offer for Roku Ultra for more improved viewing features.

But unable to buy it on the TV. 

Keep an error msg like try again later or go to or pay

going round and round in circles.

Should i waste my time and money chasing this Ultra ?


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Really depends what you are after.  I have the 4660 Ultra  for my main viewing because of the ethernet and the USB which I initially used as my beginner "media server".   All my other rooms have Premieres and a RokuTv in the kitchen.  If you are happy with the performance of your current device and don't need the extra speed and features the Ultra offers, then I would say no.  If you want faster speed or you have a higher resolution TV that isnt supported by your current device, then yes.  It depends on your setup and what you need or are after.  It is a good buy at $80 which is the normal sale price, and $100 for regular pricing.

These devices go on sale from time to time (this is not a 1-time offer you are seeing).  It may be another couple of months before the sale is on again, but it will be.  I generally like to buy the devices in a store as opposed to online, but just personal preference.  Figure it will be easier if I have to return for any reason.  

To date, have yet to replace any of my devices, but have bought more of them for friends and family.

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Thanks for the post.

Have you tried checking your Roku account and going to the link that you stated in your post to see if the offer is available there?

Please keep us posted.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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