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Phillipines customer service

I called into customer service because I noticed that Roku has been billing me twice for over a year. When I provided documentation to the Philippines the supervisor was NOT helpful at all. It was very difficult to understand her with a heavy accent and continue to say "I understand" and did not help one bit.  She then decided to escalate the issue and after 3hours on the phone, I was told a manager will call me back within 48 hours.  Instead SHE CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  I will be contacting headquarters with all my documentation and request her to be fired since I did get her name and id number.  People please look at your billing and make sure they are not double dipping, this is how they make money. BAD BUSINESS AND UNPROFESSIONAL.

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Re: Phillipines customer service


What do you mean Roku was billing you? Were you subscribed to a service through Roku Pay? Such as Netflix? Hulu? HBO Max? Some other streaming service? What was your subscription for?

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Re: Phillipines customer service

Hi @sunshine222, we really appreciate you reaching out to the Roku Community about the charges you've been receiving. We can also see that you haven't had the best experience and can confirm that this was escalated. Our team reached out to you and left a voicemail as well as sent an email out yesterday! For reference, your support ticket is #5843856. If you are unable to see the email or call that we sent to you, please send us a direct message and we'll be happy to look into this for you. 

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