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Reel Rookie

NBA League Pass problem

I purchased NBA League Pass through Roku. I cannot get it to activate, even though I'm following the directions. I spent over an hour and a half trying to get help via chat (and phone). I sat in a queue ... and sat and sat. Only to find an email telling me the support agent had been available for 2 minutes and had disconnected. BUT, the chat box itself said there were still 5 people ahead of me.

Need help to get this working.

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Re: NBA League Pass problem

Same problem. The NBA link that they give you is different than last year. It takes you to a cable subscription set up automatically, seeming skipping over the possibility that you purchased with Roku or something that isn't cable

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Re: NBA League Pass problem

@InTheDrops @basketballjones 

You'll need to sign into this channel using the NBA account details (email/password) that you selected when you first created the account when signing up on your Roku device. In some cases, you may need to try resetting your password here, then try logging in again:

If that still isn't resolving the issue, or you still aren't able to get signed in, we'd recommend contacting NBA League Pass support for more help. 




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Reel Rookie

Re: NBA League Pass problem

Greetings. I have found a solution to my login problem. Here's what I had to do:

When I select NBA Channel and pick a game, it asks me to activate. As illogical as it seems, instead of picking TV Provider, I was told to pick as where I purchased my subscription. Of course, I purchased it at Roku. Then, I logged in to and found that it loaded. This only worked AFTER I fully logged out of the TV provider login that made the most sense to choose ( purchased from Roku, then TV Provider).

Anyway, here's hopping this let's a few folks spend less than the > 4 hours I spent talking with different support people over two days.

Wishing you all  a day of half court "swishes"!

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Re: NBA League Pass problem

This is BS.  Roku sucks.