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Reel Rookie

Lost Streaming stick and remote

So my Gal-Pal and I decided to take a break and head out... we checked into a Motel and noticed that my Roku Streaming Stick and remote was missing. Should I be concerned for account usage or charges. (if someone found it and used it)  I ordered the new Express 4k+ in the meantime

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Roku Guru

Re: Lost Streaming stick and remote

You can go to your Roku account and unlink that device.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Lost Streaming stick and remote

Go to and log in. Scroll all the way down, and Unlink the device listed. It will no longer be associated with your account. The next time it is plugged in, it will require the user to link it to a Roku account. They will be able to, but nothing they do will impact you (apart from loss of property in the form of the Roku itself.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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