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Is there a way to know the time my device was unlinked?

I just had a Roku stolen out of an AirBnB property I run. The cleaner reported it to me today, but when I confronted the guest about it they swore it was still there and to check my list of connected devices to see where. When I checked, that Roku is no longer listed anywhere on my account. Is it as simple as the thief logging-out to unlist it? If I could determine the time I was logged-out/unlisted I could confirm whether the guest is lying or my cleaner was the one who took it.

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Roku Guru

Re: Is there a way to know the time my device was unlinked?

Theres no consumer-facing way to know, though obviously the back end account management data servers have the information - whether any Roku person you can talk can get access to that is also doubtful.

Logging out wont unlist it - though factory resetting it will , so all they have to do is factory reset it and "poof".



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