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Reel Rookie

I was over charged for a Roku 4K stick


I cannot believe the problem I'm having with Roku. They need to have a 1 800 number, instead of the message system they currently use. I ordered the Roku 4K stick (sale price $29.99) on November 27 and I was charged $67.06 (that's the price of two). I also accidentally ordered a second stick (which just arrived today), because I never received a conformation notice for my first order. I was charged the correct price of $29.99 for the second stick. I have contacted CS several times, explaining the overcharge (for the first stick), and asked to refund the overcharged amount ($32.39) back to my card. Each time CS responded to me they fail to address the overcharge, and only address returning the second stick. I will return the second stick, expecting a refund once I return the item. I want to know why, CS refuses to address the overcharge (of $32.39)? The total that should be refunded to my card is $67.06. I believe I have been dealing with some type of artificial intelligence, because it doesn't understand the problem.

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Retired Moderator

Re: I was over charged for a Roku 4K stick

Hi @godlycook,

Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear about the experience that's not what we aim for.

I can see that you’ve been in contact with our support team regarding your order and we would recommend continuing to work with them regarding the issue you are experiencing so they may be able to appropriately assist you with this matter. 

We appreciate your patience with this matter.

Best regards,

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Reel Rookie

Re: I was over charged for a Roku 4K stick

Hello Mary,

If you can see, that I've been in contact with your support team (several times already) and gotten nowhere, why don't you see to it, that the problem is fixed, rather than have me continue contacting the support team, which has done nothing to address the problem? I will be returning the second stick Monday, have someone contact me (via email), apologizing for the mix up, and who can also guarantee the overcharge will be credited back (for the first stick) and refund for the second stick (when you receive it) for a total of $67.06. 

Have a nice day

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