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I solved my problem no thanks to Roku “support”

Why does Roku not have a way to contact someone directly? Live chat? Phone number? Email?

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Community Moderator

Re: I solved my problem no thanks to Roku “support”

Hi @MBF71,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Can you please provide more information about the reason for seeking Roku Support?

For account, billing, and subscriptions issue, it may be more effective for you to get help from our billing team. Please contact them directly through our Account-Billing Support page. Choose the options for "Account, payments & subscriptions" and they are the best ones to help you out with that matter.

We also offer a helpful FAQ article that walks through the most common troubleshooting steps to assist with Roku devices, you may start from this link: Official Roku Support | Roku Device Questions & Troubleshooting

Keep us posted and we'll continue assisting from there if needed.

Best regards,

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