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I purchased the annual NFL+ thru Verizon with $30 coupon

I purchased the annual NFL+ thru Verizon with $30 coupon after I had the free trial period that I canceled on roku. It now says my subscription expires 9/28/22. Plus I can not get the live games on my phone or tablet..

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Re: I purchased the annual NFL+ thru Verizon with $30 coupon

I bought the ESPN+ app for $99 via ROKU.  ESPN DOES NOT WORK ON ROKU!

Hulu wants me to upgrade two tiers before I can use my ESPN app.  Nope, I am not paying Hulu more money.  This is called a Bait and Switch and it's an illegal marketing practice used by ESPN and their parent company DISNEY.

I'm getting my refund from PayPal because Roku will not talk to me via the phone, answer my emails, or use their text app with the bot. Roku has a "contact us" link but it doesn't work.  I just keep getting the spinning wheel of dysfunction and no help.

Disney is a woke, gender neutral, multi Billion dollar company that changed their greetings from "Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages" because it contained "gender".  I will cancel everything and use my local antenna before I give Disney or ESPN any money.  

I cancelled ESPN when I discovered they are owned by Disney.  Hulu REQUIRES you to purchase DISNEY & ESPN if you want a DVR, Fox News, or access to your local TV stations. I will cancel Hulu next and move on to Sling TV.

Vote with you wallet and your feet.  Don't like getting billed for non service?  Cancel and move on.

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Re: I purchased the annual NFL+ thru Verizon with $30 coupon

You don't really give enough details.  You don't say if this free trial was through Roku or through NFL+ directly or how long it was for and you don't say what "it" is that's saying your subscription expires 9/28.  If you cancel a subscription that you were paying through Roku it's still valid until its original expiration date.  I imagine a free trial through Roku would work the same way, but I have to admit I don't really know.  Paid subscriptions are prepaid, but I don't know if free trials end immediately upon cancellation.

As for not being able to get the live games on a phone/tablet that wouldn't have anything to do with Roku.  If the free trial was through Roku then it was most likely only useful on a Roku device.  You'll have to check the fine print on the deal through Verizon and make sure you're using that account/subscription on your phone/tablet.

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