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I have been charged 199.00. I need to talk to some one. Is there even an email address?

This is ridiculous trying to get answers. 

I have been charged 199.00 by roku. I did not authorize this. I don't know what the charge is for. My bank will not dispute it. How do I dispute this charge? They also overdrew my account

I need this money back!

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Re: I have been charged 199.00. I need to talk to some one. Is there even an email address?


To submit a billing issue, try the Roku Contact page.

Now for the bad news. Maybe bad news. Probably bad news. Let's see.

Go to and log in. Then go to the Subscriptions page. Also check the Purchases page.

If you don't see anything there, then Roku didn't charge you and does not have your money.

So, why would a payment card charge say "Roku" when Roku didn't do it? Well, turns out that the description of the charge does not originate with the bank. Rather, that's the text that the entity that submitted the charge provided. In other words, whoever presented the charge to the bank also put down "Roku" in the description.

How are they able to do that? Because that's how it works. The description can contain anything. Roku. NASA. A cookie recipe. Anything. And, if it looks legit (meaning the cookie recipe would probably be rejected) then the bank simply passes that along and puts it on the statement.

So, here's what probably happened. Some scammer/thief (same thing) got your payment card information from somewhere. They submitted a charge and put "Roku" on it. That's a common practice. They'll often put Roku, HBO, Warner, Hulu, Disney, or any number of other companies names in the description.

You should probably contact your bank and submit a fraud claim. Use the results from the Subscriptions and Purchases pages to prove that you didn't make a purchase.

The quicker you pursue the correct avenue of action, the greater the likelihood of getting at least some of the money back. Good luck.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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