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I am being billed on my Credit but Roku is showing no Payment history???

Into my account and there is no payment history I'm getting charged on my MasterCard. Try to search for a contact us phone number to speak to someone to clear up the issue but apparently that doesn't exist. 

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Re: I am being billed on my Credit but Roku is showing no Payment history???


A couple of things people don't realize about credit card charges. Those making the charge provide a text description that the bank/processor displays on the statement (paper or online). It can say anything. The bank/processor doesn't determine the text, the merchant (the ones sending in the credit card charge) do that. And, they can put what they want. They can put "Roku" if they want. They could put your name on a charge to someone else! They can put anything.

That means that if there is no charge showing on your history at Roku, then Roku didn't charge you. Rather, some scammer obtained your credit card information and used it, putting "Roku" in the description. Have you ever used the credit card before? At a gas pump? At any store? Online? Then it's subject to being compromised if the retailer, or the retailer's processor, has a data breach. That's probably what happened, and probably not what you want to hear.

@Jeremiah-Roku may be able to offer some help, but if Roku didn't make the charge (they didn't) there's not much they can do apart from offering some tips that will restrict credit card charges from Roku, but again, if Roku didn't make the charge (they didn't) then it really won't help.

Always put a PIN on your account to keep accidental charges from happening (those will show on your history, by the way, so this isn't what happened). Or remove the card entirely from your account (but that won't stop a scammer who got your card information from the gas station or wherever).

Work with @Jeremiah-Roku with whatever he can do, but you'll also want to dispute the charges with your bank/credit card company. And sooner rather than later. You may even need to get the card replaced. Compromised credit card information is a PITA.

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