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How to have Roku handle my Hulu billing?


I currently pay Hulu directly for my Hulu/hbo max/live tv subscription. 

Hulu changed my programming prices. I called and they said thst if I switch my Hulu so that Roku handles my billing, as opposed to Hulu handling the billing, I can keep the package I have. 

I asked roku and they were confused. 

How do I do this?

If I switch so Roku handles my hulu bill, can I keep my account / settings / etc? 

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Roku Guru

Re: How to have Roku handle my Hulu billing?

I recently changed my Hulu from being charged by Disney to being charged by Hulu.  Hulu said that if I kept the same email and password that I would not have to login again on all my devices.  That was correct but I changed from Disney billing to Hulu billing and not from Hulu billing to Roku billing me.  I can find nothing on the Roku site to indicate you can get Hulu billed through Roku but I may have missed something.  

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