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How to block out YouTube

How can I block YouTube through out my whole roku account I've been trying to keep my kids off of it and tried the pin lock didn't work now I wanna know how to block it all together 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: How to block out YouTube

Hi @Nkindley89,

Thanks for the post.

Creating a PIN code prevents only unauthorized users from making purchases and adding channels to their Roku devices. We recommend removing the channel, the Roku Pin code will prevent unauthorized users to add the channel back and accessing the channel. 

I've provided some links below to go into further detail: How do I create or update the PIN for my Roku account?

We hope that's helpful!



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Re: How to block out YouTube

You can always block the domain in your router settings which will then prevent access throughout your entire network.  You need to access your router's settings and then look within there.  Sometimes under Parental Controls or Security.  Different routers, different areas.

Do a web search for "block youtube at router level" or the like.  There are many different ways to block content from specific devices, entire network, etc.

Even if you block at your wireless network, they can still acess if they have mobile phone (assuming not connected to wireless network) so you will have to disable there also in the settings or parental control app.

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