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How to Synchronize payments

Do I need to cancel my subscriptions and then re-subscribe to them so payments can all be on the same date?

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Re: How to Synchronize payments

I believe so, but it's not even that simple.  If you cancel your subscription it is still in effect until the end of the current period.  If you immediately resubscribed it would renew after the end of that period.  You'd have to cancel your subscriptions and wait until the last one expires before you subscribe to any of them again.

You can try and choose the option that refers to billing, but I don't believe they'll do anything to synchronize them.

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Re: How to Synchronize payments

I'm trying to Synchronize my payments also and your answer just makes me sick!!  I guess I can do what you said, but in the mean time when I don't have any money in my account I get socked $35 each time my bank declines the payment!  I can't afford that!!!  BUT I really like the subscriptions I have with ROKU.  Okay I'll bite the Bullitt and get ready to get hit with all the service fees until I get paid again so I can cancel and re-order the sites so they ll can come due at the same time!  That F...N SUCKS!!!  I'm a retired widow and can't afford all those hits!  Guess I get what I deserve huh?  

Okay thank you again and THANKS also to all the ROKU community people!

A very disappointed ROKU subscriber that at ONE TIME loved it!!  DID I GET MY EYES OPENED UP TONITE ABOUT ROKU!! Tricks around the corner everywhere!


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