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How do I get refunded for a charge I didn't make

Using this website Is bull**bleep**. I have a charge on my bank account, under "Roku for Disney Electro"  that I did not make nor did anyone else, and there is no way to contact a person. I've went through the form under billing 3 times and it says to check my purchase history on my roku account, but there aren't any on my roku account and when it the system flags it as such and says there is nothing in my history, it wants me to once again return to the same page and start it all over, filling out the same questions to get the same result, with no way at all to tell me how to contact someone to get a refund. I just want my $7.99 back in my bank account. Contacting customer service should not be this difficult to get an issue resolved.

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Re: How do I get refunded for a charge I didn't make

So, are you saying that you did this:

Did you see any subscriptions or purchases?

If you went to those links, and there were no subscriptions or purchases, then Roku didn't charge you. If there are purchases or subscriptions, Roku did charge you.

Now, assuming there are none, which is what I think you said in your rant, what that means is that another party charged your card and provided the names "Roku" and "Disney" to the credit card company.

Before you say that can't happen, keep this in mind. I'm not suggesting these specific examples apply to you, I'm simply offering them as examples that would explain how this can be.

Porn Websites and marital affair Websites succeed because they don't put "Porn" or "Affairs" in their credit card description. If they did, spouses would find out and they'd lose customers. So, they put things like "IT Support" or something other than what it actually is. That's how it works.

So, yes, some scammer or credit card thief could bill you and put "Roku" "Disney" or "Apple" or just about anything they wanted in the description. 

So, again, if there is nothing showing up on those links at the top of my post, then Roku didn't bill you, and likely won't reimburse you for something they didn't take from you.

Contact your credit card company and list it as fraud.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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