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How do I get a refund for AMC

Trying to navigate the roku support website has been very confusing. I tried reaching out to AMC plus directly to issue a refund request. They said that since the billing was through roku they couldnt issue it to me.  I already canceled the subscription through roku. I was thoroughly disappointed in their selection of shows and I simply will not be using the service. It seems impossible to get a refund. The fact that they charge for the entire year rather than by month is ridiculous. Where can I reach someone who will help me get my money back?

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Re: How do I get a refund for AMC

Hello @deannaschrock

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku community!

It may be more effective to seek assistance from our Billing team for account and billing issues. You can contact them here and then choose 'Account, payments & subscription'. They are the most qualified to assist you in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!


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