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HBOMax subscription lost during device relink

I relinked my Roku device to my account due to unautheniced device error. During the relinking process my HBOMax managed subscription was deleted from my Roku account.

I am unable to recover the subscription from the HBOMax account as Roku contains no record of the purchase.

What can I do to restore managed subscriptions to my Roku account?

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Re: HBOMax subscription lost during device relink

Is it possible you have more than one Roku account?  If you have more than one Roku device you might want to check the email address that's displayed under Settings->System->About on each one.

If that's not it then we'll have to get someone's attention at Roku to look into it.

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Re: HBOMax subscription lost during device relink

Hi @GG9, thanks for the post! We see that your subscription doesn't appear after linking your account to your device. We see how concerning this can be, so let's look into this.

As @renojim stated, it's possible that you created a second account while trying to configure your original one. 

When you log in to, your subscriptions will appear there.

If you would like us to take a closer look at your account, please feel free to send us a PM. We're happy to help.

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