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Re: Freedom of speech

@urocku wrote:

I’m not your son I’d be too ashamed to be your son by the way I am  older than you I’m pretty sure

Perhaps. Although I'm not certain what the retirement age is for federal employees. I know the last couple of presidents have been a few years older than me, but not many.

My great grandchildren aren't yet looking at me with concern. Are yours?

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Re: Freedom of speech

By the way I said where you came from, I did not say or imply you were from out of country. Yes my grandkids are concerned about the private contractors that are trying to run this country FEDERAL EMPLOYEES on the other hand do a better job,  private contractors, I’ve seen it time and time again they come in the government rip them off and leave.  then have a cousin take over the company under a different  name. But there’s nowhere link to be found  to read any articles on different websites by you because your links do not work. When you still haven’t explain to me I have used the Roku store twice twice I’ve had fraudulent charges once three years ago with a different Roku player and once with the one I have now! I have a prepaid credit card I use for all my online shopping so yes I keep everything nice and safe and simple. I’m just like anybody else I’m tired of getting ripped off by corporations that get away with it I work hard for my money and I’m sure you have to, and you wouldn’t like it if it had happened to you.

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Re: Freedom of speech

Yes we all agree with your point there is a concept of freedom of speech so why they remove those posts they should learn from these types of posts to improve there policies just like some people mentioned in this article about it.

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