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FREE TV and I expect Free, Don't try to Bill Me!

The Add said FREE TV channels, I want FREE not hidden charges and don't try  Bill a Poor Man ! This Poor Man has No Money to play Games with you.

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Re: FREE TV and I expect Free, Don't try to Bill Me!

Some channels are free.  Most cable network channels are not free if that is what you expected.  There is no charge to setup and link a Roku device to your account but the number of channels is limited.

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Re: FREE TV and I expect Free, Don't try to Bill Me!

There are tons of free channels available on Roku.  Most of them derive income from unskippable ads - some of them have so many ads as to make the channel virtually unwatchable.  But there are others with more tolerable ad levels, some even have fewer ads than commercial broadcast tv.  To get you started, check out a few like Pluto, IMDB, Tubi, and Stirr.

Some cable-type channels make their streaming offerings available only to those who are already paying for them through a subscription to a cable/satellite "tv provider".

There are others that require a paid subscription outright.

Still others make only limited content available for free but require a paid subscription to go beyond that.

Before you start testing a bunch of them, I'd suggest you log into your account at and create or reset a PIN value. You can then choose when the PIN is to be required, such as before it will allow any subscription or purchase to be made on your account. Having this in place will assure you don't inadvertently sign up for anything that would incur a charge.

Editing to add...

But do be careful.  There are lots of scammers out there claiming to be Roku that will try to charge you for support services (Roku does NOT charge for support, to install, upgrade or link your device, add additional Rokus, etc.).   Be especially wary of any Roku "support" sites you find by a web search or by your browser auto-completing an URL you start to enter -- any site claiming to be Roku that does not reside at is bogus.

Also be aware that scammers can hit you with bogus charges and label them anything they like.  If a charge comes in claiming to be from Roku, don't assume that it necessarily IS from Roku, especially if you have previously given your information to one of those scammers.

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