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Reel Rookie

Erroneous Charge For a Service I DID NOT PURCHASE

My debit card was charged for a purchase I did not make, nor authorize. Moreover, when I search my purchase history under my Roku account, the charge does not appear. On my bank statement, the charge reads as follows "PURCHASE 08/11 ROKU FOR PUREFLIX XXX-XX28107 DE". Again, I did not execute nor authorize this purchase, so I need assistance in getting this charge removed/reversed. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Erroneous Charge For a Service I DID NOT PURCHASE

@dgpotts05 When you are logged into your Roku account on a computer or phone check your subscriptions as well as your purchases.  If the subscription is not listed then it is likely that the subscription charge is not through Roku or you have more than one Roku accounts.  While logged into Roku, I suggest setting a pin to make purchases so someone cannot accidently purchase a subscription.

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