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Elderly father being billed for an account that he doesn't have

I am reviewing my elderly father's bank statement.   He's had been being billed for Roku services for about 2 years now without his knowledge.    He is 81 years old, has suffered a stroke and has NO idea what Roku even is.    I need to speak with someone about how to stop this from happening but I can't  reach a person.    And when I try to use the website, it says to sign-in to the account.  HE DOESN'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT!   

Any assistance would be welcomed. @Jeremiah-Roku  @RokuLianna @RokuLu

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Re: Elderly father being billed for an account that he doesn't have

I JUST unsubscribed my mom from a product/service that she didn't knowingly sign up for.  Similar situation, seems like Roku and/or partners of Roku offer easy exploitation of elderly folk - who maybe just want to watch the evening news?  I logged into her Roku account with her email address, helped her change her password because of course she can't remember stuff like that, unsubscribed from Roku for Philo whatever the heck that is...and then set up a PIN requirement which was very easy to find, by the way, so that mom can't unwittingly buy stuff as she fumbles with the remote. Kudos to them for providing a solution but yeah I guess sometimes kids need to install parental controls immediately upon installation

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Re: Elderly father being billed for an account that he doesn't have

@Sax1278, if your father doesn't even have a Roku device it's likely a scammer has been charging him using Roku's name.  A description on a statement can say just about anything.  Someone from Roku may chime in and tell you to contact billing, but it's probably best if you go through his financial institution and have them figure out where it's really coming from.

If you want to try the Roku route, go to and choose the option for account/billing problems.  If asked to sign in, use the same account you used in this "community".

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